Tray Server

Heated/Ambient Prisoner Tray Servers by FWE allow for serving hot and cold foods from the same two-section cabinet, separated by a thermal insulated wall assuring even temperatures in both sections. The FWE heat system keeps pre-trayed foods hot and moist in one compartment, while cold plates keep trays of cold foods chilled and ready to serve in the ambient section. The addition of guardrails and beverage urn angles to the top of unit make beverage service fast and easy. Inmate populations are served quickly, efficiently, and at less cost. The heat system is built into the cabinet to prevent tampering and reduce maintenance and cleaning costs. Clean up is effortless. The controls in the PTS-0709-1015-48HA are tamper resistant and feature a full range thermostat adjustable to actual temperature (90°F -190°F) so they are easy to see and operate.