Prefabricated Towers

Panel Built Inc. offers a line of prefabricated guard towers that serves as a durable and quick solution for correctional facility security. The buildings themselves can be manufactured out of the company’s classic panel system, made up of a steel skin and a polystyrene core for insulation, or the building can be crafted from our new welded steel line of buildings. These welded steel exterior buildings can offer the structure an overall increased wind load rating or even offer ballistic protection. For the ballistic version of the buildings, they can be constructed to UL levels 1 through 10, 10 being able to withstand a .50 caliber rifle shot. These increased levels of protection provide protection to security officers, while affording them peace of mind from any potential threats. The towers are built to customer specification with a variety of amenities, including gun ports, tented windows, HVAC, tilted walls and fully railed observational decks.

Panel Built Inc.