Handheld Drug Detector

The DetectaChem Seeker utilizes proprietary patent pending technology to deploy automated colorimetric analysis of extremely small traces of narcotic materials. DetectaChem has developed a proprietary card collection system that is used to initiate the colorimetric reaction. The Seeker uses processes related to color reactions, traditionally used in the field of molecular analysis. This liquid chemistry-based approach enables the Seeker to perform on-site diagnostic detection of narcotic materials, rapidly and cost-effectively. The Seeker goes from off to ready-to-test in 20 Seconds, includes automatic data logging, is WiFi/Bluetooth/3G/4G capable, and is capable of the broad range detection of the following narcotics and drugs: methamphetamine, MDMA, cocaine, THC (marijuana), LSD, opiates, heroin, ketamine, and synthetic cannabinoids.

Designed from the ground up, the SEEKERe has been carefully crafted with features specifically requested from end users in the US DOD and international government agencies. Features include a fully sealed and waterproof outer shell, a flat bottom for no-hands operation, multiple user selectable modes of detection, an innovative reverse hammer system, all packaged into a platform small enough to fit into your pocket. All of this makes the SEEKERe the ultimate ruggedized battle-ready detector. Detection capability comes from industry leading Seeker automated colorimetics with complete detection screening from a single test. This means complete detection of conventional and homemade narcotics.