GTL to Play Big Role at 2019 ICPA Conference

By CN Staff

BUENOS AIRES—GTL, a leader in transformative corrections technology, recently announced its upcoming sponsorship and presentation at the 2019 International Corrections & Prisons Association (ICPA) Annual Conference. Taking place October 27–November 1 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the conference’s theme of “Strengthening our Correctional Cornerstones: Rights, Dignity, Safety and Support” will focus on correctional facilities that maintain dignity, enhance safety and provide support for inmates.

“The ICPA Annual Conference provides an immersive environment in which attendees from over 70 countries can interact and discuss the issues faced by correctional facilities today and offer advice on what has worked, both in the US and abroad,” said Gad Tobaly, president, GTL International. “This is a great opportunity for GTL to share our experience and learn from this amazing group of delegates. Hosted this year by the Federal Prison Service of Argentina, we are honored to be a Major Sponsor for the ICPA Annual Conference because it is well-respected by agencies across the globe and offers the opportunity for attendees to learn from the best in order to improve their facilities and inmate outcomes.”

On Tuesday, October 29, Eric Gonzalez, GTL executive director of technology & implementation services, will present at the ICPA Annual Conference on how tablet technology and content can change the experience and daily life for both inmates and correctional officers. “A Day in the Life of Inmate Tablets: Implementing a Successful Tablet Program Designed Around an Ideal Inmate Experience and Optimal Officer Routines” will highlight examples from facilities that optimized staff time and provided inmates with new opportunities through a tablet program.

With over 2,300 correctional facilities using its systems and solutions, GTL has a proven delivery model. Across the globe, our international customers benefit from our experience and our industry relationships, which allows correctional facilities and agencies to experience the best of two worlds—working with a large, well-known company like GTL while also having the proximity, flexibility, and velocity of working with well-established, in-country entities. .

“GTL is working with Synergy in Canada and has enabled successful implementation of the Offender Telephone Management System at seven jurisdictions, with the eighth enactment scheduled before the end of 2019,” said Mike Kinnee, president, Synergy Canada. “Our customers’ loyalty is due to a proven service delivery model that combines unmatched customer support with the best of GTL’s technology solutions customized to the specific requirements of Canada’s jurisdictions.”

“GTL is working with Accenture in the UK, along with several different parts of the criminal justice system to address the inefficiencies that exist within the current process related to first hearings at Magistrates Courts,” said Allan Fairley, UK public safety managing director, Accenture. “The video enabled justice solution we are implementing in conjunction with our clients and in collaboration with GTL is enabling more efficient and effective hearings to take place and is providing benefits for all parties involved, including police, courts, prosecution, defence, witnesses and defendants. Ultimately, the aim is to extend these benefits out to all relevant parts of the criminal justice system.”

“Collaborating with GTL allowed us to successfully deploy GTL solutions at over 40 facilities throughout Australia last year, and now we are moving into the next phase of our Offender Digital Strategy,” said Kyle Page, general manager, Ericom. “It is a pleasure to work with such a valued partner. We are excited to attend the ICPA conference in association with GTL and contribute our collective experience with fellow delegates from the Oceania Region and beyond.”

“The BBG and GTL relationship  has been successful in implementing inmate telephony systems across 40% of Mexico’s correctional facilities,” said Brian Rhys, BBG managing director. “This is the result of combining BBG’s national communications footprint in Mexico with GTL’s best-in-class solutions and talented support teams. We look forward to many more successes standing side by side with GTL.”

“At GTL, cross-pollinating experiences and best practices on a global basis is an important mission,” concluded Tobaly. “It contributes to creating impactful connections and providing industry-leading technology and services to our corrections practitioners, no matter where they are located in the world.”

GTL leads the fields of corrections technology, education, and intelligence, as well as government payment services, with visionary solutions that integrate seamlessly to deliver security, financial value, and operational efficiencies while aiding inmate rehabilitation. As a trusted industry leader, GTL provides services to over 2 million inmates in more than 2,300 correctional facilities in the United States and Canada, including more than 30 U.S. departments of corrections, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons.