Body Camera

The Sentinel Camera Systems Protector II camera is a live-streaming 4G LTE body camera in the security industry that can transmit live video, audio and GPS location in real time, day or night to a central command center. The camera has been updated to include these added features:

  • Automatic streaming of the video upon camera activation in standby mode.
  • Audio communication between the central command center and the camera wearer can be initiated from the observer to the wearer and heard through the speaker within the
  • The streaming video can be automatically saved and stored in the appropriate Evidence Management System without the need for additional recording and downloading of the
  • The audio being recorded on the video can be muted and not recorded by pressing a control button on the side of the The audio can be re-activated by a pressing of the control button.
  • The Protector II body camera has one-button activation control and provides up to 64GB of memory, 21-megapixel recording, and a 140-degree wide-angle lens. It also offers infrared technology for night recording, multiple resolution settings, pre and post-recording capabilities, and many additional features to aid officers in obtaining high quality video recording.

Sentinel Camera Systems