Next-Generation Tablet Technology

Securus Technologies has unveiled the company’s next generation tablet for use in correctional facilities, the JP6S.  The JP6S is the industry’s most evolved tablet specifically constructed to improve quality of life for incarcerated individuals and the device will be available beginning this month as an upgrade option for the more than 300,000 incarcerated individuals who currently access the industry-leading JP5 and SecureView devices.

As the first major tablet launch in the corrections industry in more than three years, Securus built the JP6S to meet the needs and preferences of incarcerated individuals. Designed with user-driven features and built to closely mirror technology used by the general public, the JP6S operates up to 13 hours before charging, provides up to 32GB of storage, delivers 140-hours of music play time, performs 2 times faster on a sharp 1280×800 screen resolution and includes more features that create an enjoyable user experience. Additional improvements include a thinner, sleeker design that weighs just 17 ounces, an optional 2 megapixel camera, a new Android 8.1 operating system, rugged protective casing with impact-resistance glass, and built-in secure Wi-Fi with dual band support (2.4GHz and 5GHz).

The JP6S can accommodate the full suite of Securus applications available on legacy tablets, including movies, music, ebooks, games, and a comprehensive suite of no-cost re-entry, self-help, and education resources. It is also equipped with safety and security features, including additional screws and adhesives to keep the device intact and deter destruction or misuse. This flexibility and security makes it suitable for both short-term jails and long-term prison environments.

Securus Technologies