Scott Moss

Scott Moss, one of the Moss Construction’s company’s founders and a 30-year veteran of the construction industry, has been named chief executive officer.

“When we founded Moss Construction, Scott took the leap into the unknown with a deepfelt belief that we would not just succeed, but also thrive,” said Bob Moss, who stepped down as CEO and will continue to serve as Chairman and Founder.

“Over the last 16 years, I’ve seen him grow into an extremely capable CEO who embodies the Moss core values of honoring relationships, fostering the entrepreneurial spirit and a contagious energy that motivates everyone that works with him.”

Scott Moss grew up around construction jobsites and started working in the field when he turned 17. After graduating from his bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida in building construction, he was a project manager with Centex construction.

The Moss family formed the firm in 2004, which now employs more than 600 people across the United States, with revenue exceeding $1 billion.

Said Scott Moss. “I’m honored to take on the role of CEO for Moss and to continue to lead this incredible group of people, who are making lasting impacts in all the communities where we work. For nearly two decades we’ve grown as a company.  I look forward to see us to continue to grow together.”