Ronald De Jesus

California Correctional Officer Ronald De Jesus recently took top honors at the 2020 Fire Police Motocross races.

When away from his daily duties at a California Health Care Facility, DeJesus has racked up years of wins at motocross events.

He recently competed in the 2020 Fire Police Motocross Racing Event at the Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernardino, Calif. Members of law enforcement and firefighters raced to represent their agencies. Officer De Jesus represented CDCR, taking top honors in the age group of 40-49 Expert Class. The event used two different tracks, offering three motocross runs each day. De Jesus, a five-year CDCR employee, won all six, taking the National Class Championship.

“Motocross racing is similar to walking the line as an officer,” he said, in a statement. “Of course, you know what your job entails as an officer and you know what you have to do for the win. Every split-second counts. While making a clear judgment and upholding a quick response, it will always result in a great outcome or a very bad outcome.”

De Jesus said he enjoyed riding with coworkers at the races and is encouraging other CDCR motocross racers to represent the department at next year’s event.

“I will keep racing until my limbs stop working,” he said.