Exercise Station

The Helios-NA is the newest correctional fitness product offered by Outdoor-Fit. Inspired by the original Helios, the Helios-NA provides all the same features without the assist mechanism. It can accommodate four simultaneous users in less than 150 square feet while providing over 15 exercises – a great way to maximize your indoor or outdoor space without a single moving part. Every exercise station on the Helios-NA is 100% tamperproof. It only has bodyweight stations, which is perfect for facilities that want physically and mentally healthy inmates without allowing them to bulk up or get too strong. The Helios-NA is also biomechanically correct, meaning an inmate’s body moves in the way it is meant to move. Proper exercise biomechanics results in fewer inmate injuries, thus decreasing medical costs and increasing your facilities bottom line.

Outdoor-Fit specializes in manufacturing tamperproof and weatherproof inmate fitness equipment that keeps frontline correctional staff safe while delivering fitness benefits to your inmate population.

Outdoor-Fit Exercise Systems Inc.