Construction Communications Headset

Powered by Cardo’s mesh intercom technology, Dynamic Mesh Communications (DMC), Comm-Set can be white-labeled by PPE manufacturers and provide distributors with a truly ground-breaking team communications technology.

Comm-Set helps keep boots-on-the-ground teams protected and connected effortlessly while they work in hazardous environments or remote work sites like construction areas, tree services/forestry, utilities/public work, and industrial manufacturing.

In addition to connecting anywhere from 2 to 15 users via wireless mesh technology within a 2-mile range, the hands-free Comm-Set provides situational awareness and is equipped with a plug to easily connect 2-way radios. It complies with the American ANSI standard and the European EN352 hearing protection standards. The system guarantees the user’s protection against impulsive and loud environmental noises. Eight different channels enable a seamless co-existence of multiple intercom networks within the same terrain for unparalleled performance. Offering many options, users can connect their mobile phone via Bluetooth technology and use the dedicated mobile app, plus easily operate such features as built-in FM radio and music streaming.

Cardo Crew