Double-Drainable Louver

The EME620DD from Ruskin® is a newly designed, 6-inch deep, horizontally bladed, stationary louver designed for generator rooms or other spaces that require safety equipment to continue running during a storm event. Mechanically fastened for added strength with double-drainable blades, the EME620DD is designed to offer protection against water, air and wind penetration during severe weather conditions. This level of wind-driven rain protection shields building material and critical equipment from water damage.

“Structures located in areas subject to heavy thunderstorms and intense wind gusts require specially-designed louvers, like the double-drainable design of the EME620DD,” said Joe Rockhold, louver product manager at Ruskin. “The gutter system of the EME620DD easily channels water from its blades to downspouts in its jambs. From there, water drains out the front of the louver and stays out of the building.”

The EME620DD is AMCA-certified for air, water and wind-driven rain performance. Excellent pressure drop performance and closely spaced horizontal blades minimize penetration of high-velocity rain. The low-maintenance louver features 48% free area and corrosion-resistant, extruded aluminum construction. To suit each application, the EME620DD ranges in size from 8 inches by 8 inches to 120 inches by 90 inches.

The EME620DD is available with a wide range of options, such as extended sill, front or rear security bars, filter racks and more. A variety of finishes is also available. The EME620DD is covered by a 20-year finish warranty and 5-year product warranty.