Pipe Inspection Camera

RIDGID®, a part of Emerson’s professional tools portfolio, introduces the first reel of its kind to provide digital self-leveling with no moving parts, the SeeSnake® Mini Pro Inspection Camera with TruSense® Technology. It is the latest reel in the RIDGID portfolio of inspection and drain cleaning tools.

The small, yet rugged Mini Pro is designed to inspect up to 200 feet of 1.5- to 8-inch pipe with its mid-flex push cable that can navigate hard 90-degree bends. Its innovative 25 mm digital self-leveling camera always keeps the in-pipe image upright and is shorter than the traditional 25 mm camera head.

“The industry-first digital capabilities of the Mini Pro take pipe inspection to a whole new level,” said Kelsey David, product manager, RIDGID for Emerson. “The smooth in-pipe images that remain upright at all times combine with enhanced in-pipe location and positioning capabilities to increase user confidence and improve pipe inspection efficiency.”

TruSense establishes a two-way datalink between the camera head and a TruSense enabled monitor. With TruSense, advanced sensors on the camera head convey valuable information about the in-pipe environment, including the high-dynamic range (HDR) image sensor that offers bright, clear in-pipe imaging in difficult lighting conditions. The TiltSense™ Inclinometer measures the camera’s angle and displays the degree of tilt on the monitor – giving professionals a useful indicator of the pitch of the camera in-pipe. Digital zoom/pan provides the ability to focus on a single point of interest for a better understanding and view of what’s happening in-pipe.