Tim Bergan

Professional Systems Engineering (PSE) has named Timothy Bergan as its newest Partner and new Vice President of Mission Critical Infrastructure.

Bergan has provided advanced systems consulting and design for communications, educational technologies, multi-media, acoustics, and related building systems since 1986. He specializes in audio, visual and video presentation and communications systems for special environments including academics, federal, civil, and domestic courts, arts, museums, justice/correctional facilities, and diverse government and corporate clients nationwide.

His certifications include Cisco Enterprise, Avixa’s CTS-D, and both EE and Computer Engineering degrees from Resellear Polytechnic Institute.

His services have included networked information technologies, classroom sound and video, multi-purpose space uses, international teleconferencing, multimedia systems, integrated voice/recording, inside plant and outside plant, and IT infrastructure, video and server processing systems.

Sound reinforcement, visual and video presentation have been core services of PSE for over three decades. From large high-rise centers, to the largest high school in America, from microbiology conference centers with international forums to integrating one-of-a-kind “Justice for All” exhibits downtown NYC at the 2nd Circuit in Manhattan.

These projects represent the design accomplishments of Tim and his staff at PSE and our core competencies for over three decades.

Custom designed audiovisual systems included the historic Chancery Court in Delaware (aka Twitter v. Musk), an AV over IP video and audio distribution system for the Federal Justice Training Center, and a touch-screen controlled learning center in the center of Manhattan; just some of his accomplishments at PSE for planning, design, and on site-testing/roll-out of AV services.