Rechargeable Heated Insoles

Few things are as important during the colder months than keeping warm. Remember what mom always said – “Make sure to keep your feet warm and dry.” That can be a tall task with the mercury dropping while outside tasks or events are going on.

Keeping those feet warm and comfortable when it’s chilly outside is paramount. Experts say that keeping feet warm allows for better blood flow as the heat causes the blood vessels to dilate. That, in turn, recirculates heat to other parts of the body, which helps to boost energy and protect the immune system. In short, warmer feet in colder weather are essential to staying healthy over the Fall and Winter months. That makes THAW’s latest offering an important and health-conscious one.

THAW’s Bluetooth-enabled Rechargeable Heated Insoles provide app-controlled warming for feet, all managed from your smartphone. They are fully adjustable for comfort, no matter the selected temperature. THAW Heated Insoles are rechargeable and portable, designed to keep feet warm in any situation, whether high up in the mountains or out for daily exercise during Winter. They are made of a four-way flexible construction with breathable foam padding and are Bluetooth enabled with a recessed charging port.