Midi Excavators

Yanmar Compact Equipment (Yanmar CE) recently announced the launch of its latest midi excavators, which together set new standards of compactness in the 8-10 tonne segment. Amid global urban expansion, the units are especially designed to meet the dynamic needs of our modern, congested landscape, combining compact dimensions with efficiency, increased performance and operator-centric design enhancements. Get ready to roll out the red carpet for the all-new the SV86-7 and SV100-7.

Yanmar CE has developed the new models to excel within tight confines – without compromising on power or functionality. Despite being in the larger weight class, the SV86-7 (8,675kg Operating Weight (OW)) and SV100-7 (9.705kg OW) maintain a remarkably compact footprint. They feature a tight front swing radius (2,120mm for the SV86-7 and 2.450 mm for the SV100-7) and minimal rear turning radiuses (1,265mm for the SV86-7 and 1.365 mm for the SV100-7). Coupled with minimal rear overhang (120mm and 205mm, respectively), this design ethos ensures they are perfectly suited for work in limited spaces.

Yanmar CE