Health Network Offers N.J. Mental Health Services

MARLTON, N.J. — CFG Health Network recently launched InSight Telepsychiatry to provide remote, real-time psychiatric evaluations and diagnostic services for offenders held in correctional facilities.
Telepsychiatry enables physicians to provide virtual face-to-face consultations, evaluations and diagnostic service delivery from a remote location via high-tech videoconference technology. Deployment of the system, which uses real-time video and audio capabilities, allows offenders to be evaluated by a mental health professional within minutes of being transported to a correctional facility.
Interacting with offenders via teleconferencing can prove more cost-effective than conventional consultations when on-site mental health staff are not available or when patients and mental health professionals are separated by long distances.
The deployment of telepsychiatry in prisons, jails, detention facilities and secure residential treatment facilities can also reduce potential safety risks associated with physicians entering high-risk environments.
“CFG’s commitment to InSight Telepsychiatry really stems from our parent company’s extensive experience in bringing cost-effective healthcare services to individuals in remote locations,” says Geoffry Boyce, InSight executive director.
The company provides training to New Jersey physicians and works with regulatory bodies and advocacy groups to increase awareness.
Utilized by several police departments in New Jersey, the technology has been shown to facilitate more timely crisis evaluation and intervention, reduce the time police officers spend at hospitals and psychiatric units, and decrease hospital costs.
Telepsychiatry services are made available through 20- to 27-inch monitors, cameras, microphones and remote communication technology. The system can be mounted on an emergency room IV pole for ease of use. The company offers clients a number of support features, including a 24/7 call center, customized programs, on-site training, and continuous IT support.
Insight Telepsychiatry’s parent company, CFG Health Network, is a doctor-owned-and-operated provider of medical and behavioral health services to prisons and hospitals. CFG Health Network is responsible for healthcare management at facilities in New Jersey and the Delaware Valley.
“Launching a new entity exclusively dedicated to leveraging the potential benefits of new technologies seemed to be a natural extension of the company’s overall mission,” Boyce says.