Key System

Imagine one key working as both an encrypted electronic credential and a traditional high-security mechanical key.

The ASSA C4 CLIQ electronic access control system can provide this in our traditional ASTM F 1577-listed mogul cylinder featuring the utility patented ASSA Twin dual locking mechanism. The C4 CLIQ system is programmed via ASSA Performer software from your computer. The mechanical key blade is cut to work in an ASSA master key system using standard builder’s cylinders in commercial door hardware.

This DES-encrypted system allows for time zone authorization of C4 CLIQ electronic keys and a 1,000 -vent audit trail retrievable from the lock cylinder. This saves thousands of dollars in costly wiring required by most conventional EAC systems and is ideal for remote locations. ASSA C4 CLIQ electronic keys and cylinders are powered by standard watch batteries rated two years or 20K cycles.

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