Rooftop Control System

NexRev Inc., a leading manufacturer of performance-improving energy efficiency upgrades for HVAC equipment has developed the DrivePak Advanced Rooftop Control (ARC), an expanded model of the company’s DrivePak HVAC retrofit upgrade incorporating advanced controls that allow correctional and justice facilities to further capitalize the savings from DrivePak as well as additional prescriptive energy rebates and incentives. By incorporating integrated economizer control and CO2 Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) with their DrivePak load-matching fan speed control, DrivePak ARC further optimizes energy savings and indoor air quality. Built-in Fault Detection further addresses a common problem related to failed or non-functioning economizer equipment, providing notification of abnormal behavior or malfunctioning equipment. Older units become more efficient and can be updated to meet standards set for new rooftop unit equipment.