Perimeter Protection System

Pythagoras 3 Tech by CIAS is a perimeter protection system that combines double or triple technology barriers: microwave, infrared and Doppler sensors, suitable for difficult installations such as long straight corridors or high-risk prisons. Pythagoras is an intelligent barrier designed with multiple technologies and based on digital signal analysis (Fuzzy Logic), available for ranges up to 160 meters. The different technologies used allow the barrier to adapt to the size of the area to be protected, avoiding disturbances from fences or vegetation. Pythagoras is equipped with an electronic system that provides for easy alignment, setup and testing, making both installation and regular maintenance simple and effective without the need of any dedicated tool or instrument. It is also possible to perform remote maintenance when Pythagoras is connected to RS485 bus, using the software WAVE-TEST already used for all other CIAS digital devices.