Shower Flooring

The Seamless System by Sunbelt Flooring Inc. provides a flooring option for new and retrofit shower applications in the corrections industry. Sunbelt Flooring Inc. offers a seamless shower system which is 100 percent bonded to the substrate with no anchor points, seams, grout lines or weaknesses. The product is durable, easy to clean, and is designed to provide a lining for rooms that undergo constant thermal, chemical and physical exposure. Unlike tile, the flooring cannot be pried off and used as a weapon. Using a chemical process, it is bonded to the substrate and linked together to create a seamless surface. Cove base reinforces the areas where the walls transition to the floors. Inside and outside corners of the flooring can be rounded for cleaning and safety purposes. An antimicrobial finish coat is available as an additive for protection against bacteria and microbes. In addition, the company also installs floor, wall and specialty flooring systems in correctional kitchens, infirmaries, cells, restrooms and hallways.

Sunbelt Flooring Inc.