Rain Screen Panels

Southern Aluminum Finishing Co. (SAF), which has outfitted courthouses and justice centers, now offers 4000i Insulated RainScreen Panels as an addition to the company’s Adapt Panel and Column Cover Systems Accessories line. The 4000i is an SAF 4000 Series RainScreen ACM, aluminum, or stainless steel building panel with insulation adhered by silicon sealant that meets uses “G” and “O” of the ASTM C1184 standard. SAF RainScreens are drained and back-ventilated panel systems that incorporate strips of composite or aluminum material in reveals between each panel (instead of caulk), resulting in a more uniform appearance. Custom 4000i Insulated RainScreen Panels include aluminum track extrusions for wall mounting. 4000i Insulated Panels also help in noise abatement applications.

Southern Aluminum Finishing Co.