Fully Glazed Window System

Insulgard Security Products, the industry leader in architectural security products, has introduced the advanced new Torgard TTH600 Window system. Torgard TTH600 window system has been tested and certified by UL to meet the new ICC 500- 14 and FEMA P-361-15 requirements for use in tornado and hurricane safe rooms and shelters, including in a 250-mph wind zone. The Torgard TTH600 window system is designed to allow natural light into the safe room without the need for storm shutters that have to be manually closed in the case of a storm event. The window itself is the protective system and is always in place. An increased effort to build more tornado shelters, especially in schools and emergency response facilities. As a part of this effort, section 423.3 and 423.4 of the 2015 International Building Code requires a storm shelter in all new K-12 schools, emergency operations centers, police stations, and fire and rescue stations built in the 250-mph wind zone as referenced within ICC 500.

Insulgard Security Products