Infrared Barriers

PROTECH’s infrared barriers use active infrared technology to create an invisible wall of detection by transmitting and receiving light beams to detect intrusions. When “breaks” occur within the beam, the system goes into alarm to indicate an intrusion.

One of several infrared barrier models PROTECH produces is the MAXIRIS 3000/3100 infrared barriers that deliver the highest level of performance in invisible/virtual fence systems. For perimeters longer than .6 miles (or 1 km), the MAXIRIS 3000/3100 columns can be directly connected to a TCP/IP network or RS485 bus via the MAXIBUS 3000 Hub.

The MAXIRIS ZONING function enables up to three virtual detection zones per barrier/ system that can be configured accordingly, allowing for video verification based on alarms by zone.

Each barrier is self-contained with a multi-lingual HTML server integrated into each column (English, French, Spanish, etc.).

System configuration and maintenance operations can be handled remotely.

The MAXIRIS 3000 model offers a single-face column, up to 36 beams per column and per direction, and a zoning function of four to 10 cells per column.

The MAXIRIS 3100 model features a single- and double-face column, high-density beams that are up to 64 beams per two-direction column, zoning function with a minimum of four to a maximum of 10 cells per column, and a zoning function of four to 10 cells per column.