Pelco Surveillance Camera Tackles Correction Facilities Security Challenges

Securing most corrections facilities can be quite the undertaking. But while some challenges can be solved with a simple fix, others might not have such straightforward solutions. Thanks to Pelco’s new High Security Corner Mount IBD camera, you get the best of both worlds with an intelligent and rugged surveillance solution designed to promote the safety of inmates, staff, and property. Read to find out how this camera addresses challenges in corrections facilities.

By Barry Prestage

Securing corrections facilities are no joke. From monitoring inmates, ensuring staff compliance, and preventing property damage, surveillance operators can find it challenging to keep up in areas of high sensitivity monitoring for round-the-clock surveillance. What’s more, ordinary surveillance cameras can be subject to malfunction due to vandalism, theft, and other types of damage that can result in steep repair or replacement costs. That’s why you need a surveillance solution that keeps these challenges in mind so inmates, staff, and property remain safe all year round. Here are three ways that Pelco’s High Security Corner Mount IBD camera tackles challenges unique to corrections facilities.

  1. It Is Anti-Ligature and Vandal Resistant

Corrections facilities face a higher risk of vandalism than places such as homes or offices. Because of this, it is especially important that security cameras not only act as a visual deterrent for illicit activity, but also a physical deterrent from vandalism, theft, and other forms of property destruction. This camera contains a robust, anti-ligature design that helps to prevent the unit from being damaged. It can also be placed in cell areas, sallyports, and elevators within correctional facilities where safety is of the utmost concern.

  1. It Can Be Washed Down

Thanks to the camera’s IP66 rating, it is not only resistant to everyday water damage such as rain, it is also specifically designed to withstand “water projected in powerful jets against the enclosure from any direction”. The High Security Corner Mount camera also allows staff to wash down the enclosure of the device provided that the nozzle is within 12.5 millimeters and the duration of the wash is under three minutes. Corrections facilities can greatly benefit from this certification since surveillance equipment tends to be particularly vulnerable to vandalism and spills.

  1. It Excels in Motion and Sabotage Detection While Saving You on Storage and Bandwidth Costs

Along with the increased risk of vandalism and water damage, environments like these need a way to efficiently monitor inmates and staff on a 24-hour basis. Though security administrators do the best they can to manually detect security breaches, human error inherently increases the risk that a threat will go undetected. With automatic motion and sabotage detection capabilities, this camera allows for faster response times, boosting the security of corrections facilities.

For these reasons and more, the High Security Corner Mount IBD camera gives you a specialized solution that protects a diverse range of correctional environments. That’s why Pelco continues to lead the security industry as a global surveillance provider. To learn more about our products and services, click here today.

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