Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet

Eagle Mfg., a leader in the manufacturing of quality metal safety cabinets for nearly 50 years, has set the industry standard for high quality steel safety cabinets for the storage of chemicals, flammables and other industrial liquids and hazardous materials. All Eagle storage cabinets are designed and manufactured to best meet the ever-changing needs of today’s industrial and laboratory environments. The Eagle Model 1903 Safety Cabinet is ideal for storage of smaller containers of flammables. These cabinets can be used on counter tops, workbenches or on the floor and feature adjustable shelves to accommodate various sized containers. Eagle Safety cabinets meet NFPA Code 30 and OSHA requirements. Eagle’s four-gallon, self-closing, bench top safety cabinet is constructed of 18-gauge steel. The sides, top, bottom, and doors are double-walled with a 1.5 inch air space between walls. The cabinet includes two vents (each have two-inch threaded fittings and fire baffle and cap). Standard Flammable Liquid Safety Cabinets come in yellow high gloss powder finish with red warning, plus grounding attachment, three-point latch system, and two-inch raised, leak-proof doorsill. Each shelf is adjustable, supported by four brackets, and can support 350 pounds.