Shank-Free Products

Briarwood Products is continuing their efforts in safety innovation for correctional facilities. Not only have they improved their products but added to their Shank-Free line by adding a push broom, squeegee, plunger, and new product category. Briarwood has recently redesigned their plastic handle to withstand the heavy weight and strain from wet mops as well as other stresses the handle endures. The plastic handle is strong, durable, and is the safest option to use in correctional facilities. Along with the redesigned plastic handle, Briarwood Products has added a new Shank-free and Metal-free Push Broom and Squeegee. Both products are metal-free meaning there are no metal screws or staples used in their assembly and are both made from a type of plastic that is unable to be sharpened into a weapon.

Briarwood Products