Tactical Spray

Decon7 Systems offers corrections officers a patented D7 formula that can neutralize toxic or infectious hazards posed from threats like fentanyl and bloodborne pathogens like hepatitis within minutes. The decontamination solution is available in the ready-to-use BDAS+ unit as well as bulk liquid and laundry. Unlike most decontamination products that must be mixed at the time of use, the BDAS+ provides the detergent, neutralization and accelerant in a single package and mixes them for one-step application. Officers can simply pull the yellow safety tab from the nozzle, point it at the surface to be decontaminated, then pull the trigger. “Officers have more important things to worry about than spending 10 or 20 minutes preparing and mixing a decontaminant that they need on the spot and not well after the fact,” said Joe Hill, vice president of defense and public safety for Decon7. “With the BDAS+, you can pull a ready-to-use unit and spray it. There’s no manual mixing.” The handheld unit, which weighs less than two pounds, can be kept on hand and deployed within seconds when needed. In addition to enabling rapid response, the BDAS+ eliminates potential for human error because it automatically mixes the solution’s three components. D7 can reduce the number of germs present by at least 1 million times, and tactically relevant testing shows that the formula eliminates more than 99.9 percent of fentanyl in under seven minutes. The formula is not flammable, is minimally corrosive and is environmentally friendly.

Decon 7 Systems