Tennessee DOC Welcomes New Officers

By CN Staff

TULLAHOMA, Tenn.—The Tennessee Department of Corrections recently welcomed 51 new correctional officers into their workforce. A graduation ceremony held in Tullahoma to celebrate the achievements of these officers, who will begin work in multiple prisons across the state.

The Keynote Speaker for the event was Staff Learning and Development Administrator Dorinda Carter, Ph.D., who spoke to the class about planning for the future while working in the now.

“It is not a job everybody can do; it may not be the job you set out to do, but we are grateful you are here and if you want to achieve even more than you have today,” she said. “Set a path for your future, honor the oath and become a leader of integrity for yourself, for your families and for the people of Tennessee.”

During their weeks of training, the class learned skills that will assist them in being effective correctional officers. Classes on leadership, effective listening, interviewing techniques, teamwork and defense skills were taught during the six-week academy. Specials awards were presented to these students who excelled:

True Grit Award: Officer Jimmy Terry (BCCX) and Officer Lakeia Wells (RMSI)

Academic Award: Officer Alex Miner (DSNF) and Officer Dylan Daugherty (MCCX)

Physical Fitness Award: Officer Christopher Weidner (BCCX) and Officer Makayla Burnett (WTSP)

Superintendent Award and $5,000 Scholarship from Bethel University: Officer Xavier Bussell