Sliding Door System

All United States, federal and state detention facilities can now purchase a U.S.-patented sliding door system for corridors that meet the requirements listed in architectural specifications. 

Gary Gayhart, of HydraDoorCoLLC, has invented the first sliding door device that is rated for fire and smoke containment, as well as meeting the requirements for NFPA-101 life safety. Hydra DoorCoLLC has developed the first sliding door operator in the detention industry to have completed and successfully tested, as well as passed all the requirements of UL 10B 3-hour fire rating, along with UL 1784 smoke containment. The company duplicated the NFPA life safety 101 code for a swing door with its sliding operator that meets all UL life safety and fire codes. HydraDoorCo will be soon be testing its 6-foot-wide corridor sliding door with the HydraDoorCo LLC sliding door operator. The Hydra DoorCo LLC door operator will improve fire safety standard and will protect all prison inmates and prison staff.