Body Armor

PPSS Group’s next generation of high-performance body armor is taking personal protection to a new level. Made from Auxilam™, a unique carbon fiber composite material, this latest body armor will protect the wearer from even the most vicious and brutal types of edged weapon and shanks.

Utilizing a combination of the incredible strength of carbon fiber, the auxetic properties of Auxilam™ technology and some additional “top secret” assets derived from the specially developed composite structure, this next generation of body armor offers a truly outstanding balance of weight, protection, performance and durability.

Comparing it with PPSS Group’s highly acclaimed polycarbonate-based stab resistant vests, the company is claiming a reduction of 19% in thickness (utilizing a 3.9mm carbon fibre composite) and a 6.6% lower aerial density and reduced weight for its latest development. Government agencies and security companies will be able to choose from an array of different styles, ranging from covert, overt to hi viz overt options.

PPSS Group