STANLEY Unveils 2020 Security Trends Report

By CN Staff

INDIANAPOLIS—STANLEY Security, a global integrator of comprehensive security solutions, has released its “2020 Industry Trends Report.” This report – which includes survey data from decision-makers across North America and Europe, monitoring data from more than 400,000 STANLEY Security customers and insights from leaders across the organization – defines the major trends that may impact security consumers in the coming year.

“We’re entering a new era of security in 2020 – one that is defined by change, disruption and innovation,” said Matthew Kushner, president of STANLEY Security. “This report offers a deeper look into the demands, expectations and pain points of security professionals, as well as the emerging trends that we expect will change the way businesses view and manage their security.”

New service models, cloud technology, network security, machine learning and more are among the trends featured in the 2020 Industry Trends Report.

Among the findings in the report are the top five pain points for security decision-makers, top five factors these decision-makers consider when choosing a security provider and the global industry average Net Promoter Score (NPS), a metric used to capture consumers’ overall satisfaction and perception of a brand.

According to the report, the global industry average NPS is 26 percent, with scores across 12 countries ranging from as low as 4 percent to as high as 47 percent. The scores are based on survey data from 480 security decision-makers at enterprise businesses – defined as businesses with more than 250 employees – across North America and Europe.

“The report also highlights one of the biggest challenges in the security industry: Across the globe, businesses are largely passive about their security providers,” Kushner said. “As we move into this new era, we’re going to see more businesses treating security as a holistic solution, and one that aligns with their overall organizational strategy.”

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