Cable Systems

AFC Cable Systems® portable Pack N’ Roll™ cable dispenser makes installations easier by keeping cable clean and organized during transport. With the Pack N’ Roll system, pulling cable is quick and easy and prevents tangles and excess scrap during installation. It is the perfect solution for electrical contractors who perform remodels and small electrical projects and transport coils to different jobsites.

To set up, the coil should first be placed inside of the Pack N’ Roll system. Then, the cable ties are cut and the end of the cable is fed through the side opening. Once the desired length is pulled through the opening, the cable can be cut.

When finished with the installation, rotate the remaining coil to pull the cable end back inside and put the lid on the dispenser. The lid protects the coil from debris and harsh environmental conditions.

The system also fits commonly used sizes of Type AC and Type MC Cables, as well as NM Cable.

AFC Cable Systems