High-Impact Bed

Safe, secure and built to last, Norix Group’s Attenda®’s bed series is strong and durability with its advanced construction. Molded in specially formulated, high-impact polyethylene, each Attenda® product is structurally enhanced for increased strength and durability. They are solid as a rock—yet feature seamless construction with rounded corners for added safety and security.

Each piece is designed to be attached flush to the wall or floor. Maintenance staff know that fluid absorption can wreak havoc with furniture and create a hazardous environment. Attenda®’s rugged, exterior skin is seamless and impervious to liquids—from bodily fluids to industrial cleaners. The non-absorbent, polymer construction simply leaves no place for fluids to go. Chronic maintenance problems are washed away. Slightly textured maintenance free surface allows for easy cleaning.

Rotationally-molded, anti-ligature, specially formulated, fire-retardant, polyethylene with ultraviolet light stabilizers (to reduce fading).

Norix Group