Alabama DOC Hosts Procurement Event for Pair of Prison Projects

By CN Staff

ATLANTA—An Alabama DOC event slated for Wed., Nov. 10, at CGL’s Atlanta office will seek input from the industry on procuring pre-manufactured cells and security locks for two 4,000-bed projects moving forward in Elmore County and Escambia County, Ala.

The function will take place at the CGL Atlanta Office, 1903 Phoenix Blvd., Suite 250, in Atlanta, at 1:30 p.m. Eastern time.

The purpose of the discussions will be two-fold:

  1. Pre-manufactured Cells – The Alabama Department of Corrections intends to procure pre-manufactured cells for two 4,000-bed prisons in Elmore County and Escambia County on State-owned lands. Upon selection, the State novates the procurement to the Design Builders for each location. The Design Builders are B L Harbert International for the Escambia County site and Caddell Construction Company for the Elmore Site. With the collaboration of HPM/CGL Program Management Team and the Design Builders, the State will select and novate the contract to purchase the cells to the Design Builders.
  2. Security Locks – The Alabama Department of Corrections intends to procure the security locks for the Elmore and Escambia County Prisons (4000 beds each) and novate the contract for the locks to the Design Builders. The Design Builders will also coordinate the delivery of the locks to the pre-manufactured cell manufacturers and delivery for the remaining aspects of the projects.

The event is designed to promote two-way discussions between the State/Program Managers and the Industry to address the following topics regarding the projects:

  • Timeline
  • Capacity (one manufacturer versus two manufacturers)
  • Supply chain issues
  • Changes after procurement
  • Other questions