Indoor Air Quality Meter

Triplett Test Equipment, a leading maker of test equipment tools, announces the Triplett GSM250 desktop indoor air quality carbon dioxide (CO2) meter, ideal for monitoring air quality in a variety of spaces.

Simultaneously displaying CO2, temperature, and relative humidity, the GSM250 display features a 3-color (green/yellow/red) light bar that changes color according to CO2 concentration and offers easy reading from long distances. The GSM250 can be wall mounted or used on a desktop.

With touch panel programming and a user-adjustable CO2 level alarm with a disable function, the GSM250 uses non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) waveguide technology and offers automatic baseline calibration for long term drift compensation or 400 parts per million manual calibration. The meter does not use batteries and requires power from a USB source, either from a computer, power bank, or 5VDC wall adapter (not included). It comes with a 10-foot (3 meter) USB-C cable (for power source only) and wall mount. It is offered with a 1-year warranty.