Coastal Detention Makes Pair of Major Acquisitions

By CN Staff

Swainsboro, Ga.—Coastal Detention Holdings, LLC (“Coastal” or the “Company”), a manufacturer of physical detention products, announced that in December of 2021 it has acquired a 100% interest in Maximum Security Systems, Inc. (MSSI) and All Phase Security, LLC (APS) through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Alabama Detention Holdings, LLC.

Maximum Security Systems, specializes in the design and production of Modular Steel Detention Cells, which it fabricates in two facilities located in Alabama. This product complements the Coastal Modular Systems brand, expands Coastal’s modular production capacity, design options, and its geographic logistical reach. The Company intends to continue to operate and expand the Alabama operation and to integrate the various existing Coastal product lines into the MSSI module.

All Phase Security, LLC, is a national leader in Modularized Steel Cell install knowledge, capabilities and experience. This addition to the Company’s service capabilities ensures the Company’s ability to deliver our fabricated products to the national construction market by also providing the expertise and manpower necessary to facilitate the off-site construction approach created by modular fabrication.

Mr. Kenneth M. Feldman, President/CEO, said, “On behalf of Coastal we welcome both MSSI and All Phase Security to the Coastal group of companies. These acquisitions further our commitment to Modular fabrication and our undeviating initiative to broaden our reach in the rapidly increasing modular building market.

Mr. Donald G. Halloran, Executive Vice President, added, “The expertise, experience and capabilities of the people within both MSSI and APS, further expands and refines the Coastal portfolio of products and services. These acquisitions heighten the Coastal commitment to be the preeminent manufacturer of detention equipment and products in the United States.

Coastal is the largest US detention equipment manufacturer, with facilities and offices in Swainsboro, Ga., Huron, S.D., Minneapolis, Miami, Las Vegas, and San Antonio, with over 500,000 total square feet of manufacturing capacity. Coastal offers a complete suite of detention/security products through its wholly owned subsidiaries of Trussbilt and American Steel, ranging from security hollow metal doors, frames, and windows, security grade steel wall systems, security grade steel ceiling systems, a complete line of detention grade furniture, and steel modular systems. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Southern Folger Detention Equipment Company, Coastal also offers the premier line of detention locks and hardware, including Southern Steel and Folger Adam Locking devices and hardware for all security applications, including mechanical, electromechanical, pneumatic enacted slider devices, and the Obsero Lock line (the industry’s first smart lock).