Anti-Fog Lens Protection

Lenses can fog in almost every application. Going from cool to warm air. Going from outdoor to indoor environments. In high humidity. During strenuous work that causes perspiration. Even warm breath in a cool room or the heat rising from a motor can cause lenses to fog.

Before a U.S. anti-fog standard existed, one seller of worker protection, Brass Knuckle, decided it was important to measure its eye protection products by a standard. The company began with EN 166/168, the European standard and the most stringent anti-fog standard in the world at the time. Then Brass Knuckle went beyond it. Voluntarily.

The result is Brass Knuckle’s proprietary anti-fog lens coating, which uses a groundbreaking technology that delivers better, longer-lasting fog-free protection than competing products. It was then, and remains, the toughest anti-fog standard in the world, exceeding ANSI and EN standards. The result is two coatings, BK-Anti-FOG and BK-Anti-FOG+, that provide extreme anti-fog performance and improve worker safety and productivity.

Brass Knuckle BK-Anti-FOG is their original proprietary anti-fog coating that offers excellent performance and a long-lasting, fog-free view under even the most demanding hot and humid conditions. Washable and durable, BK-Anti-FOG formulas allow lenses to resist fog longer than competitors’ anti-fog treatments, and that extra time is what is needed for lenses to come into balance with temperature fluctuations, the principal cause of lens fogging.

BK-Anti-FOG and BK-Anti-FOG+ are available on a wide variety of Brass Knuckle protective eyewear, serving various fits and functions.

Brass Knuckle