California Inmates Fundraise to Help Uvalde Victims

By CN Staff

COALINGA, Calif.—The incarcerated population at Pleasant Valley State Prison (PVSP), with the assistance of staff, has contributed $6,980 to the Robb School Memorial fund by making voluntary donations through their personal trust accounts.

“I gladly approved this charitable effort, which united the population in one inspirational goal,” said PVSP Warden Ron Godwin. “We were all devastated by what took place in Uvalde, and grateful to have the opportunity to make a contribution to those who need it most.”

Each Inmate Advisory Council (IAC – a board comprised of incarcerated representatives) within PVSP turned the opportunity into a friendly competition for which facility could raise the most funds. The institution’s Community Resource Office and Accounting Office worked with incarcerated participants to facilitate donations through their trust accounts.

While working on this effort, the population also engaged in discussions on gun violence and its impacts on society.

“Every single IAC at PVSP was in full-support of donating to this cause,” said PVSP Community Resource Manager Jeanette Bragg. “While the population agreed the donation would not ease the pain and loss of lives, it was their way of showing they care and that humanity deserves hope.”