Virginia Correctional Center Transfers Inmates as Revamp Begins

By CN Staff

RICHMOND, Va.—The Virginia Department of Corrections (VADOC) is completing the transfer of over 200 inmates from Lawrenceville Correctional Center today. The inmates are being transferred to VADOC facilities throughout Virginia.

The transfer is the first step of a planned multi-year renovation project designed to update the facility’s housing units, modernizing systems to improve safety and security. This move will allow one building to be empty to start renovation. Once renovation is completed, the inmates will be moved to the renovated unit and a similar process of renovation will occur in the next unit.

Lawrenceville Correctional Center is a medium-security penitentiary and opened in 1998. As of July 2022, the facility housed 1,468 inmates. The property belongs to the Virginia Department of Corrections; however, the facility operates as Virginia’s sole privately-run facility. It has been run by The Geo Group, Inc., since 2003.