SolaMaster Round Ceiling Fixtures

Solatube International, Inc., the world’s-leading manufacturer and marketer of Tubular Daylighting Devices (TDDs), has introduced a Round Ceiling Fixture to its SolaMaster commercial product line.

The new SolaMaster Round Ceiling Fixture features an ultra-low profile with minimal ceiling intrusion that is virtually flush. The closed ceiling design provides a new contemporary, modern option for designers and architects to incorporate Solatube daylighting in hard ceiling applications as well as T-Bar applications.

The fixture is available for new construction or retrofit projects and can be utilized in conjunction with all SolaMaster accessories, including the integrated LED Light-Kit and commercial Daylight Dimmer. Additionally, the fixture is available with the Solatube OptiView Shaping Diffusers next generation lens technology as well as Prismatic diffuser options. This allows the architect and/or designer to modify the lens patterns to achieve unique differing light distribution spreads for different visual effects all while maintaining a consistent, visually optimized look across the ceiling plane.

Daylighting leader, Solatube International, Inc., invented Tubular Daylighting Devices (also known as tubular skylights), which harvest daylight through optical domes that sit on the roof of a building, engineered to capture daylight (from both the sun and sky) from virtually any angle, even on cloudy days. The domes then direct the daylight into highly reflective tubes, delivering it to fixtures that diffuse it into the area beneath.