Space Pen

Fisher Pen Company® created the AG7, the Original Astronaut Space Pen, to respond to this need. NASA® then meticulously examined Fisher’s AG7 for two years before they started using it on the historical Apollo 7 Space Mission in 1968. The Original Space Pen has been utilized on every crewed spaceflight ever since. Additionally, the pen has gained popularity among the general public over the decades.

One of the most remarkable aspects of this AG7 is that its original design and material have remained the same as the first Fisher Space Pens on the Apollo CSM-101 spacecraft. The reason for the same structure and medium is simple but nothing short of impressive. The Original Astronaut Space Pen was so well-made that it did not need any change for over 50 years! The AG7 pen’s solid brass body is plated with an incredibly resilient chrome layer, ensuring its stability while functioning in a harsh, unique environment.

The AG7’s rear click and side retraction mechanism make it easy to use with one hand and fantastic for multitasking. With Fisher’s famous Pressurized PR4 cartridge inside, the Original Astronaut Space Pen writes in zero-gravity regardless of the angles. The AG7’s writability is guaranteed even underwater, in arctic conditions or in blistering heat.

Fisher Pen Company