Police Safety Facility in Virginia Kicks Off Substantial Renovation and Expansion

By CN Staff

LEESBURG, Va.—Hoar Construction announced on September 22 that it has broken ground on a 14,500-square-foot addition and 21,000-square-foot renovation at the Leesburg Police Department’s Public Safety Facility in Leesburg, near Washington D.C. Expected to be completed in late 2025, the project aims to enhance the 27-year-old building’s facilities and amenities while modernizing the campus to aid in recruiting new members to the police force.

Key project partners for the Leesburg Police Department expansion and renovation include Dewberry as the architect and RK&K as the program manager.

The project will further build out existing locker rooms, including significant expansions to the women’s locker room. The plans also include additional office space, interview rooms and an expanded parking lot for police cruisers. A mezzanine level will also be built in the one-story building, where a fitness center will be added for police officers and staff to use. Renovations will include improvements to the electrical room and existing facilities.

“This project will play a significant role in bolstering the Leesburg Police Department’s recruiting efforts, as the improvements will modernize the building and bring a number of upgraded amenities for members of the force to utilize,” said Will Carbaugh, project manager at Hoar. “Our team is dedicated to ensuring this project is delivered on time, and with a standard of care and coordination that allows for the department to continue running smoothly during the entire process. We look forward to working closely alongside the professionals at Leesburg PD, and we are thankful to have first-rate partners who carry the same commitment to excellence at our side.”

To keep daily operations running during the construction process, Hoar will implement careful sequencing to ensure the department can stay open while each phase of the project is carried out. Part of this process involves moving the emergency response call center to a temporary location on site while the existing center is renovated. Hoar will also utilize Building Information Modeling (BIM) to coordinate mechanical, electrical and plumbing components of the project, enabling the team to create 3D models of the building to aid in planning, design and execution.

Hoar has been active in the D.C. market with similar projects, including the new $14 million Vienna Police Department headquarters in Vienna, Va., and an exterior facade renovation at the Embassy of Kenya. Both projects were completed in 2022.