Protective Equipment

Pyramex® has debuted the new Women’s RVZF61 Safety Vest, a meticulously designed safety garment offering a custom fit and an array of practical features tailored to meet the unique needs of women in the workplace.

The new Pyramex Women’s RVZF61 Safety Vest offers exceptional safety features without compromising on comfort or fit. The vest is crafted from a fluorescent background woven polyester solid and mesh material with a sleek black front bottom, creating an eye-catching yet professional appearance. The vest is thoughtfully tailored exclusively for the female form with a cinch waist, allowing for adjustable sizing that ensures a comfortable and secure fit for all body types. It also includes a padded collar to keep wearers comfortable even during extended wear during long hours on the job.

When designing the RVZF61 vest, high visibility was a top priority for safety. It sports 3-inch silver reflective striping with contrasting color trim, making the wearer highly visible in various lighting conditions. Whether you’re directing traffic at a construction site or working on a road crew, this vest keeps you safe and seen. The vest is also extremely functional, it includes an expandable tablet pocket with hook and loop closure and a reach-through pocket with a zipper for easy access to essentials.