Compact Wheel Loader

Yanmar Compact Equipment has introduced the all-new 47.6-horsepower V7 compact wheel loader to the North American market. The 9,370-pound machine fills the gap in the Yanmar wheel loader line between the V4-7 and the V8 and features a low operating weight, comfortable cab area and high bucket capacity. Its compact design, intuitive controls and high travel speeds maximize performance and efficiency for operators in landscaping, snow removal and many other applications.

Yanmar Compact Equipment’s V7 features an impressive 0.92 cubic yard bucket capacity for its weight. That means fewer trips to the pile. An optional light material bucket brings that bucket capacity to more than a full cubic yard with each scoop, further improving productivity. The compact wheel loader also includes a powerful Tier 4 Final Yanmar engine allowing for a lifting capacity of 7,981 pound-force.

The V7 features ±40 degrees of articulation and ±10 degrees of oscillation. The machine includes a newly designed articulation oscillation joint allowing oscillation in the center of the wheel loader instead of the rear. This maximizes ground contact with all four wheels for optimal tractive force.

The new model is built with the operator in mind. It features a comfortable cab and excellent all-around visibility, making long workdays easier. The enclosed cab configuration features two steel frame doors and a standard front sun blind to reduce glare. Operators will enjoy the extra visibility provided by the steel frame doors as well as the convenience and extra ventilation that comes from having doors on both sides of the cab.