Historic Florida Courthouse Makes Room for County Commissioners

LIVE OAK, Fla. — County commissioners are considering a $7.75 million addition to the Suwannee County courthouse built in 1904 that includes many new features, including a new meeting space for the commission.

The three-story building, if approved, will dedicate the third floor to a new courtroom, the second floor to the commissioners’ meeting hall, and the basement to a large vault. The county commission currently holds its meetings at the city hall building. In addition, the new space will have improved security, such as secured courtrooms and judges’ chambers that will prohibit the general public from gaining access to certain areas.

The initial planning was paid for by a $300,000 state grant. Officials plan on paying for the design and construction of the project through private loans and federal grants.

The loan is expected to be a two-part process: An initial loan will cover the cost of the project, and a second loan will provide long-term financing.

The design is expected to cost about $950,000 and construction is expected to cost $6.4 million. There would be $350,000 set aside for unexpected work or changes to the plans, according to officials.

The design will replicate and blend with the historical façade of the existing courthouse.