Low-Security Jail for Female Inmates Closed

INDIANAPOLIS — A low-security jail for female inmates is now closed according to Marion County Sheriff’s Office officials.
The new-year marks an end to the female facility after its five-year pilot project ended Dec. 31. The facility is owned and operated by Community Education Centers Inc., of New Jersey.

The facility housed low-security female offenders, along with some men placed by the Department of Corrections.
“The Marion County Sheriff’s Office faces serious budget challenges, and the suspension will help save money and allow a review of the efficacy of female offender programs,” said Marion County Sheriff’s Office officials.
The women will be returned to Marion County Jail and officials hope to fortify female programs at Jail II.
Sheriff John R. Layton said the county and sheriff’s office just finished a “difficult” budget process.

“As 2012 starts, our prime focus must be costs associated with arrestee health care,” said Layton in a news release. “In the interim, I pledge to the council that I will continue to seek internal savings. I am fully dedicated to a thorough evaluation of our female inmate programs, and I have high hopes of new improved programs in the near future.”