States Projected to Spend Big on Construction

PORTER, Texas — The Rose Report has recently issued its 2012 corrections construction projections for projects in the U.S, and many states have big plans.

Outside of California, Texas currently has the highest number of projects planned, with 41 facilities planned in the state. The figures reflected in the report include all projects that have bid January 2012 to date, as well as projects awaiting architectural selection and projects with selected architects but have yet to bid, according to Rose Simola of the Rose Report.

Although Texas has the most projected projects, New York, with only seven projects in the state, has the highest projected costs. The state is projected to spend $808 million on its correctional projects, according to the report, while Texas — with 34 more projects than New York — is projected to spend $792 million.

The largest project in New York is a jail renovation initiative on Rikers Island that is estimated at $563 million and still under construction.

Many states hope that with additional or updated facilities they will be able to combat overcrowding and better accommodate maximum to low-level offenders, dependant on the facility.