Correctional Mattresses

CR Safguard demonstrates its true performance within correctional mattresses. This superior foam cushioning delivers immense durability combined with unrivaled fire-performance. The result? Facility cost savings and greater safety! CR Safguard mattresses are constructed with high-density foam cushioning that maintains thickness throughout its service life; typically, years longer than polyester fiber mattresses. Several covering options are available, including a fluid-resistant nylon that will not crack and a cover construction resistant to bed bugs. The sewn side seams with one end closure will allow recovering to further extend service life. CR Safguard mattresses eliminate the constant cycle of replacement mattresses and provide the proven lowest cost per inmate.

Beyond durability performance, CR Safguard is unrivaled in fire-performance as well. When exposed to an ignition source, this mattress will not melt, drip, or burn profusely like fiber-type mattress constructions. CR Safguard rises to the challenge of compliance with stringent mattress fire tests specifically for detention facilities including ASTM F1870 and all of the International Fire Code detention mattress requirement options. Fiber mattresses, when subjected to the same detention fire tests, fail miserably. When compared to fiber mattresses the choice is simple. Let performance be the true focus in mattress purchases, with CR Safguard.

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