SuperCom Awarded $7 Million National Electronic Monitoring Project in Sweden

NEW YORK — Long a pioneer in electronic monitoring (EM) for its public safety programs, the Swedish government engaged SuperCom, a global provider of security solutions for the government and healthcare sectors, to cover all prison and probation EM offender programs within the country. That includes about 1,000 enrollees and four prison facilities.

The first phase of the $7 million project will include detention, alcohol monitoring, GPS tracking of offenders and inmate monitoring using SuperCom’s PureSecurity Electronic Monitoring Suite.

“Our newest win in Sweden is a significant benchmark for SuperCom, as it signifies the 10th country to select our PureSecurity Electronic Monitoring technology since 2016,” said company President and CEO Arie Trabelsi in a statement.

SuperCom participated in a formal bidding process to acquire the contract, the terms of which will be spread over 7.5 years. Revenues recognized by SuperCom, however, are dependent on the usage levels of the monitoring implementations (the $7 million budget represents the cost of leasing the EM system and equipment, including its maintenance charges). On its end, SuperCom expects to start generating revenue within five months of deploying the project.

“We are excited to have been selected by one of the pioneers of electronic monitoring in Europe for such an innovative and technologically advanced program, which includes novel use cases not yet utilized by electronic monitoring in public safety,” said Trabelsi in a statement, referring to Sweden’s historic use of EM programs dating back to 1994 for probation programs and its launch of the first inmate monitoring program a decade later. “This also reflects a greater overall shift to a more modernized, effective approach towards alternatives to incarceration and an emphasis on offenders’ successful re-entry into society. Our current and upcoming EM deployments have been serving as strong reference points and provide concrete validation of the effectiveness of our proprietary EM technology, which we believe will support additional wins in the future.”

Trabelsi’s enthusiasm aside, like all such contracted projects in the Scandinavian country, the implementation of SuperCom’s PureSecurity system will have to endure Sweden’s customary waiting period before the contract is signed and approved and the project is officially activated. SuperCom recently inked contracts for similar EM implementations in Idaho, Texas and South Carolina, complementing a portfolio of clients that includes 20 national governments around the globe.

Since 1988, SuperCom has been a global provider of traditional and digital identity solutions, providing advanced safety, identification and security solutions to governments and organizations, both private and public. It’s PureSecurity Suite EM system features smartphone integration, fingerprint biometrics, secure voice communication, advanced security, anti-tamper mechanisms, touch screens and extended battery life.