Voters Approve New Bozeman Public Safety Center

By Aziza Jackson

BOZEMAN, Mont. — The city of Bozeman is getting a new Public Safety Center thanks to voters who approved the $37 million facility as a solution to the community’s pressing public safety needs.

The city is now in the process of selecting a design firm to finish the construction drawings for the center, developing a timeline for construction, going out for bid, and beginning construction in the summer of 2019. Construction is estimated to take 20 months.

The Bozeman Public Safety Center is considered by the city to be a “4-in-1 investment” that will meet the needs of a growing population that is expected to reach 50,000 by the year 2020, and double by the year 2040.

According to city figures, police calls have increased by 16 percent over the last 10 years and calls to its fire station have increased by 59 percent since 2011.

The center would serve as a one-stop safety hub with room for growth as the community grows. By investing in safe neighborhoods, rapid emergency service response time and increased population needs, Bozeman taxpayers are being assured by the city that they can thoughtfully invest in continued high quality of life, while saving $2.25 million per year on construction inflation costs.

KBZK reports that the center will bring Bozeman’s police, fire, municipal courts, and victim services under one roof.

“We are really grateful for the community support and strong show of support we saw on Election Day, and we are excited about the project,” said Bozeman Police Chief Steve Crawford to KBZK.

The new facility will reportedly be located on city-owned property, on Rouse Avenue between Tamarack Street and Oak Street.

“Super excited that we are going to get this facility,” said Fire Chief Joshua Waldo to KBZK. “We are thankful for the support of the community. It addresses one of our needs for many, many decades to come so we can continue to provide this high level of service that our citizens deserve and expect.”

A report from KBZK contributed to this story.